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Helpful Suggestions for Finding a New Home for Unwanted Pets

Each person who is looking for a home for cats or dogs can do several things that have been proven to be quite helpful. You can list the animals on Petfinder. List each one separately, rather than as a group. Write a really great story that tells interested people why they are in need of a good home and why they are deserving of one. Grab the heartstrings of those who happen to look at the animals you have listed. Each listing can have three pictures. Take excellent photos. Make the one on the listing a shot that has the animal looking right into your eyes.

These shots get people to stop looking down the list of cats and dogs and look at yours. You can include one video of each pet. Put one up. People like to look at them.

Make fliers and put them up. Use the same pictures and story that you did for Petfinder. Send out an e-mail with this same information to the people on your e-mail list. Ask them to forward it on to their e-mail list. If you use Facebook, My Space, or Twitter, feature them in these networking sites also. This is what we do.

Someone else's animals live in our houses while we wait for someone to inquire about them. It is very difficult at times, but worth it when you find new homes. You can be patient and make it work if you want it to. At this time of year, there are no rescue groups who can take cats or kittens. You will have to be the one who makes the difference, instead of looking for someone else to do it for you.


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